Shannon & Thomas’ April Wedding in a California Winery

You could say that Shannon and Tom’s love was built on strength, as the couple met when they were powerlifting at the same gym and quickly developed a solid friendship.

Although he kept it to himself, Tom was quietly falling in love with Shannon every time they met up to lift weights together. But, Shannon wasn’t available so he thought that his feelings would remain forever unrequited. Eventually, though, it became clear that nothing would stand in the way of their destiny to be together. To Tom’s delight, Shannon’s situation changed and she was finally free to tell him that she shared his belief that they should be more than friends.

Shannon and Tom are partners inside and out of the gym. They spot each other when things get tough, and they are one another’s source of strength and support every step of the way. Without a doubt, Shannon and Tom have got each other’s backs for eternity.

An Outdoor Wedding in Cupertino, California

The couple’s outdoor ceremony was held in the rustic grounds of Picchetti Winery in Cupertino, California. Their day was all about the details: from Shannon’s custom shoes and Tom’s custom socks to heirloom jewelry and beautiful hairpieces.

During their intimate vows, the wedding party basked in late-afternoon sunshine as Shannon and Tom proudly declared their love for one another. The bride carried an elegant bouquet by B & B Floral Design in Sunnyvale, which perfectly complimented her stunning lace gown from Essense of Australia.

Donuts and Dancing

After Shannon and Tom said “I do” the wedding party headed inside the winery for a decadent dinner and of course, lots and lots of wine.

Romantic lanterns and white and lilac flowers filled the room, and the couple’s good humor and love of sweet treats was evident at every turn. Their ‘cake’ was almost entirely made up of delicious donuts from The Sweetbox Bakery in San Jose, and even the traditional top tier of the cake, made by Susie Cakes in Willow Glen, was adorned with donut-themed bride and groom toppers.

As the sun set, the couple’s 120 guests partied to music played by DJ Cyrus from DJ Jeremy Productions in San Francisco, pausing only to enjoy the bouquet-toss and a donut or two.

Happily Ever After

When Shannon and Tom’s guests think back to their April wedding, what they’re sure to remember most is how much fun they had and just how strongly the couple’s love for one another shone.

And, as a perfect ending to this tale of love and happiness, Shannon and Tom are expecting twins this year! Congratulations!

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January 18, 2019

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