Brandi & Janeth

Brandi & Janeth had an intimate wedding ceremony at San Francisco City Hall (which is one of my most favorite venues of all time).  It is the most beautiful space with the most amazing windows. Both brides were amazingly gorgeous and the love they share was evident in the way they look at each other.  I asked Brandi to tell me about how they met, and here is their love story in her own words:

“We met online 8 years ago. I put up a profile on to find lesbians in my surrounding area that had the same interests as me, like hiking, vacationing, and eating exotic foods. I wasn’t looking for a relationship just some friendship with the same likes that I had. After I put up my profile I really never went on the website I was never any good at the whole online relationship thing. When I got a blackberry my emails were attached so I would ways get alerts to all the women looking and commenting on my profile. After a few months I started clearing out my inbox on the website and I would have like 10 alerts at a time and then select  all and delete all. I did that page after page and when I came across her picture in the middle of the screen i had to stop and click on her profile, she was so beautiful. She was the only profile I looked at. She had emailed me 3 month earlier but I never checked it till now. I sent her a message saying I like her profile as well. She emailed me back that evening asking if I had a MySpace page and we started emailing eachother. She asked me for my phone number after about a week of emailing back and forth questions on getting to know each other.  After about 4 months we decided to met one another i had already fallen for her from all the emails and late night phone calls. she was an amazing woman. The day finally came when we met and when she walked in, I fell completely head over heels for her she was more beautiful in person than I could have ever expected. After the first date she captured my heart and the fairytale began.”



January 3, 2017

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